Friday, 22 February 2013

At first sight.

Its October 22nd and its the time of great hustle and money wastage, yes sir it's that time of the year, it's prom! Girls running around frantically with their moms and dads, buying only the best of everything for the big night, their night.
Boys on the other hand couldn't be more chilled, that is to say if they mustered up the courage to ask a girl to the dance. Yes the evening was promising to be a good one.

Although me and my friend John was already one year out of school, prom night is a huge deal in our town, considering that there isn't much happening around here really. Prom night, the night where the girls are ripe for the picking and the unfortunate guys that have girlfriends are on full alert.

So me and John on our way to the bar, drinking a few beers and chatting up a storm about the evening to come. The bar were heading to has a beautiful garden scenery where most of the couples from our old school and our neighboring schools go to, to take pictures at. We usually go there to scope out the years new talent, upon arrival at the now famous to me bar "bentleys'' we find a couple of our old school friends also out on the prowl, and we greet each other with firm handshakes and deep voices, yes we all knew that tonight even your best friend turns into your competition, competing for the most beautiful girl at the after party.

John and I walk through the western style swinging doors and find ourselves in the middle of a couple taking pictures next to the swinging doors. We apologize and make our way to the bar counter and order two shots of tequila. (I know what you’re thinking and no, I don't usually drink this much it’s just tonight and considering the fact that we might need the confidence that comes with alcohol consumption, and let’s be honest it just makes everything fun.)
"Ready for this Ben?" John asks me with a slight smile.
"Ask not if I’m ready, but ask instead if they're ready" Laughing I point to the table of chattering girls in prom dresses next to us.
 We order two house specials which is brandy and coke, and make our way out to the garden, as soon as we walk out the back door there is a huge crystal clear blue pool with the biggest array of flowers and plants I've ever seen in one place, we see a girl and a boy lying in a sea of blue flowers which perfectly matches her dress.
"I bet that's going to be great photos." I say and point John’s attention to them.
"Wow she's hot man! Dibs! Ha-ha" he replies and with that the competition starts!
We scoped out the place for a few minutes and then walk to a place which to me is the best scene at Bentleys.
As we pass the swimming pool and duck under a low hanging arch of green and yellow flowers a big open field opens up in front of us, almost half the size of a rugby field. There isn't anybody here, except for a couple with their parent’s way on the other side of the field. We take a seat at a bench overlooking the field and in the background is a small pond with a medium sized water feature.

As we take in the beauty of the nature around us i notice the couple at the other side making their way towards us. Once they're close enough to see I look up at the girl.
And that's when I saw her, hip length pitch black hair, with a body most girls would die for, she looked up at us and I could literally feel my world stop and for a second I could hear my heart beating, feel the air rushing down my throat filling my lungs. She’s got these amazingly sweet lips, perfectly shaped the cutest nose and from where I’m sitting I can clearly see she didn’t wear any under layer makeup. But with a skin as smooth and as perfect as hers why would she need to? As her eyes locked with mine I knew that my life has just changed and I was about to go on a journey with this amazing creature before me. I got lost in the beauty of her deep blue eyes, which matched her long blue dress, she’s talking to the guy on her side but didn’t take her eyes off mine for even a split second and with a gorgeous smile from her I knew that she also knew that our journey just started. I struggled to get my breath and with a low tone and said "Dibs."
John seeing what’s going on just mumbled something and stood up. Not taking my eyes of her I stood up and allowed them to pass us. The moment must have lasted for no more that 10seconds but it felt like a lifetime shared between us in those few seconds.
 I always made fun of those people that talked about love at first sight, but it happened to me. And maybe you doubt my sanity right now, but I truly wish that each and every one of you gets to experience that feeling at least once in your life time.

We followed them for the remainder of their shoot, constantly making eye contact and smiling.
As they joined up with their friends who also came to take pictures and strangely it seemed that the girl John called dibs on was her friend.
As they walk out of Bentleys to the limo waiting for them, I only then realized that I knew the guy at her side. I he was in my school but a year younger. his name is mark, skinny short kid with way to long hair for his frame. I knew he used to have problems getting girls so I couldn’t understand how he got this goddess of a woman to be his date.
"Mark!'" I called him over
"Hey, Ben! What are you guys doing here?"
"Just looking man, is that your girlfriend?"
I asked without even trying to hide my interest in her or taking my eyes off her.
"Nah I wish! She’s just an old friend of mine; I’ve known her since we were kids. Why?
"She’s breathtaking, what’s her name?"
"Jenny stipp, I saw you guys looking at each other, and between you and me, she asked me for your name as well."
I gave mark a smile and shook his hand wishing him well for the evening.
Jenny, what an ordinary name for such an extraordinary creature. She was caught in a conversation with marks mother and another guy. But even while talking I noticed her throwing glances my way.

Just as they were about to get into the limo everyone started giving each other hugs and saying their goodbyes. I knew then that this was my chance, I stepped into the crowd and started hugging a few people making my way over to her, I stepped in front of her with arms wide, waiting for a hug. I knew that I must have looked weird because she had a shocked look on her face, but hugged me anyway. I smelled the sweet apple scent of her hair, felt the smooth arch her lower back formed.
"You look beautiful."
I whispered in her ear and pulled away to look at her reaction.
She’s got a smile on her face and a sudden sigh of relieve escapes my breath. She laughs and in the most innocent voice whispers to me
"I know."

Thursday, 21 February 2013

The start of something old.

Welcome dear readers.

This is the start of a very awkward blog about how my relationships were experienced, for security purposes I have changed the names of the people that partake in these excitingly true stories I'm about to unveil to you.

Its my greatest hopes that you wil be able to laugh and maby even shed a tear with me as I relive the worst and best times in all of my 22years of life.As you can imagine its going to get extremely personal and possibly even intimate. Imagine a real life fifty shades of grey. ;-)

The reason for starting this blog is quite simple. I am a young adult male, but believe me when I tell you that I have had my fair share of extremely breathtaking and equally so heart breaking moments in my life. Its not that I think my life is so interesting or maby even complicated as most homosapiens out there, but I believe there is quite a few people out there that would be able to relate to allot of the things I am going through or even went trhough. Maby you just want to laugh at the despare of another person. its all the same to me.

May you enjoy the posts to follow, and please feel free to comment and give me hints. just skip the spelling hints please, I'll do my best with spelling and grammar.. but hey, come on, as long as you can understand what I'm trying to say its good enough.

Standby for new posts.